Took the plunge- career break!

Everything in me was screaming that something needed to
change. At first, I wasn’t exactly sure what- but I knew the status
quo was NOT WORKING! I realized that life is too short to spend the
majority of my time in a career where I lost the spark. That is
when I knew I needed to go back to the drawing board.

I used to love my job and my career. It took me a long time to figure out
what I wanted to do and when I finally decided on the HR field I
was full steam ahead. I loved working with different people, seeing
different perspectives and trying to make the average person’ s
every day a little easier. But somewhere along the way, I lost the
passion. And I tried desperately to get it back. It was something
that I struggled with for months. I continually tried to ignore my
internal alarms that a change was needed. They say that the average
person today changes careers several times throughout their lives.
That thought terrified me. It took me so long to find a field that I loved and now I
want to change? Was I just having severe job burn out? Maybe I just
needed a break.

Having always been more logical than emotional, I tried desperately to make sense of it all. I read every article, book, and sought out any person who could help bring me back to that safe place where I loved what I did. And guess what? I failed miserably. This was greater than just a logical problem that needed to be solved. But the more I researched the more I learned.

Career breaks or sabbaticals aren’t new. Not even close. Sabbaticals root
back as far as biblical times. Coming from the root word Sabbath. A
period of rest in times of 7. A time to reexamine and recharge.
Hmmmm… Some countries and cultures widely accept this practice
and highly encourage it. North America- not so much! After a lot of
soul searching, I knew I “NEEDED” to do this. Some people get this
and some don’t. I’m super excited and also really nervous for the
journey. I’ve decided to start a blog to help navigate and record
the adventures that lie ahead.

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