Mixed reactions

As excited as I was to take a career break, telling family
and friends was not easy. I guess I shouldn’t have expected
immediate approval and support. After all I had been thinking about
my little get away for months. They needed time to digest this
information, understand what it meant and decide if they thought I
was doing a good thing or was just plain crazy. There were 3 camps
of people: 1) cheer lead squad 2) slow supporters 3)energy zappers
I was lucky I had a big squad of people supporting me and believing in me when I needed it most. And trust me if it wasn’t for their words of encouragement, it would have been a lot harder. I would say that 80% of people were great and the other 20% were negative thinking, energy zapping, horrible people. Funny how
the volume on those negative messages was much louder. When I read
other career breakers advice to expect resistance- they weren’t
joking. I knew I needed to manage my reactions to the negativity
and not allow it to take away from my experience. Nobody can make
you feel bad unless you let them. Still it is easier said than

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