A few simple steps…

The lead up to my break was absolutely exhausting. Crosstraining my replacement at work, moving my stuff out of my condo for my subletter, and traveling to visit family for the holidays. Its no wonder I absolutely crashed once I left. Thankfully I did a few things right along the way.  These few steps will make your return so much easier:

1. Update your resume before your leave on your travels.  All your work experience is still fresh in your mind.  And even though finding a new job may be the last thing you want to think about and you aren’t even sure if you want to go back to your old field, update it! You will be thankful when you return.

2. Call your cable company, phone company and any other providers you pay monthly expenses.  You might want to cancel the service altogether and decide if you want it when you return.  Or you may just want to suspend.  Many companies allow you to suspend your services for a period of time without any penalty.  Why pay for something you aren’t using?

3. Time to de-clutter.  There is no better time to get rid of old baggage, clothes, or anything else that you have been holding on to for far too long.  When you are committing to a backpack and your two feet for an extended period of time, you realize how little you need to get by.  On your return, you won’t miss all the things you got rid of.  You will be amazed at how grateful you are for all the things you have .

I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am that I followed these 3 steps and while it was exhausting, it made my return so much easier.

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