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Breaking free at home

I’ve travelled to all parts of the globe on all sorts of transportation. And usually always trying to get there by the most economical means. But for some reason the thought of traveling on a bus in my own country seemed wrong. I had to stop to ask myself why I wasn’t more open to things in my own environment. I often asked myself that question.When I was off on my travels I broke free from the rules. I talked to people I normally wouldn’t at home. I trusted people I didn’t know. I tried things I was too scared to try at home. And I always felt amazing after. I always made some amazing new friends in places I never thought possible. Having just come back from a travel stint, I didn’t have the money to travel in style but I was craving some adventure. I was also seriously lacking in time. My friend suggested we take a weekend city break to NYC!!!!

I can’t believe I live so close to so many amazing cities like NYC, Chicago, Boston and I never go there. Toronto is ideally located to some major international cities and I needed to start taking advantage of it. We decided to take the bus!!! I learned that I don’t need to cross an ocean or fly to another continent for some adventure. Sometimes things happen where you least expect them.

It was “supposed” to be a 9 hour ride! When I was in South America, we had a saying- “expect the unexpected”! It was a 2 hour drive to the Buffalo border. Since it was a long weekend, I expected some sort of delay. However, I also anticipated that a bus company like Greyhound would have done this route so many times and factored some of this waiting time into the itinerary. Well I was dead wrong! The bus driver informed us upon arriving at the border that we would need to wait at least 2 hours. After 2 hours of waiting and no updates, my friend walked up to the driver and asked for an update. The driver screamed at my friend and told her to “sit down and just wait. She didn’t need to deal with this”. Now that is what I call customer service at its finest! We waited 5 hours to cross the border. After 2 bus driver changes in Buffalo, and an already long ride we were tired and hungry. We were 2 hours away from NYC when all we could smell was a strong burning. Then I heard a loud pop which sounded like a gun shot. Next thing I knew all chaos broke out, smoke was everywhere and I heard “Get off the bus, its going to blow”! Now this is the sort of statement that you only want to hear while watching a movie. We all scrambled off the bus and ran as far away as possible. Within minutes, the firefighters were there putting out the fire before an explosion took place.

It might have been one of the scariest moments in my life. I actually thought I might die on a bus. And this all happened on the day the world was predicted to end. Definitely not the way I would want to go. I escaped that bus explosion by some turn of fate, had my weekend adventure and was once again reminded that it does not matter where you are in the world, things can happen anywhere.


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