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Buenos Aires

I arrived in the early morning still amazed at how random paths intersect in your life.  On my flight over, I bumped into a girl from California that I met a year earlier on a trip in Costa Rica. Jinny had given me money when I was completely stuck in Central America without a functioning bank card.   I mailed her the money she lent me as soon as I got home but hadn’t spoken to her since.  And then I randomly met her on my plane to Buenos Aires!!!   It was a good start to the adventure that lie ahead.

The flight from Toronto to Buenos Aires connecting through Miami was easy enough.  My least favorite part of travel is getting from the airport to my destination.  As a single female traveler, this has always been my most dreaded and seems to be where I consistently get scammed.  My transfer to my host family was arranged with RealGap Adventures and I’m happy to say that I had no problems.  There was a man standing at the airport with my name on it.  He didn’t speak a word of English! Still I followed him to his car and got in thinking about the word “trust”.  Sometimes you just need to trust and let go.  He took me to my host family’s apartment in the neighborhood of Palermo where I would be staying for the next two weeks while I attended Spanish classes.

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